Welcome to PPNI Publishing. We are a Washington State S-Corporation and registered with the IRS. PPNI Publishing offers individualized book publishing and web site development products and services to the public for education and entertainment purposes. 


We offer professional assistance to authors regardless of previous experience and throughout every phase of the book publishing process. The level of assistance we offer is individualized to meet specific needs. We provide the guidance needed to successfully prepare, publish and market books in both traditional and ebook formats. Our goal is to help authors prepare and publish individual stories for the world to enjoy. 

Web Site Services

We provide assistance with web site design, development and management. Our services are available to owners, managers, developers and the general public.

The Cost

Our Consultation services are free from any charge. If you find the information useful then please make a donation of any size. The Resource page includes many links to free ebook downloads. The Authors page offers commercial materials most of which are sold through Kindle Direct Publishing. Our web site services are also offered free from any charge with the ask for a donation of any size. If you are pleased with our products and services then please let us know by making a generous donation.

Web Site Navigation

Please use the navigation bar above to explore the products and services we offer. Be sure to read our Blog for some free tips about writing and publishing.

Your success means our success.

PPNI Publishing

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