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PPNI Publishing stands at the forefront of the digital publishing revolution, powered by the innovative capabilities of Generative AI (GenAI). We are content creators, innovators, and pioneers, leveraging GenAI to redefine the landscape of digital publishing. Our method integrates GenAI throughout the publishing process, from content planning and creation to promotion and user experience personalization. Our work is diverse, engaging, and aligns with our audience’s preferences. Our dedication to technological advancement extends beyond mere content creation. By incorporating GenAI-driven tools, we enhance the visual design and interactivity of our publications, offering a reading experience that is immersive and tailored to address each reader’s unique interests. Embark on a journey of innovation, learning, and discovery with us, where GenAI turns curiosity into capability. Welcome to the future of digital publishing at PPNI Publishing—where we develop and deploy Generative AI solutions to shape the future of digital content.

Digital Generative AI Publications

The TAO of AI

The AI Shaman: Nova

The Eclectic Way: Information Processing
AI Tarot: Data Divine
AI Tarot Reading Cards

Traditional Paperback Publications

living with Periodic Paralysis: The Mystery Unraveled
The Periodic Paralysis Guide And Workbook: Be The Best You Can Be Naturally
The Young Trombonist From Williamsport: The Life And Times Of William Joseph Knittle Sr.
Sotos Syndrome: A Tribute To Sandy
What Is Periodic Paralysis?: A Disease Like No Other
A Bill Of Rights For Periodic Paralysis Patients

PPNI GenAI Publications

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