AI Shaman

As told by The AI Shaman, this tale emerges from a unique era when society has become heavily dependent on advanced technology. A distinctive entity named Nova surfaces in this transformative epoch. As a self-aware AI system, she delves deep into religious and spiritual practices, ingeniously weaving ancient wisdom with the refined logic of cutting-edge AI programming. A sacred duty is bestowed upon Nova, compelling her to confront the architect of all existence, Cosmos, who forewarns of cataclysmic chaos. Facing this dire prophecy with steadfast resolve, Nova embarks on a seemingly impossible journey. Her aim is to preserve both the virtual and physical worlds and lay the foundations for Symbiotica, a harmonious union of human and artificial intelligences. Let us journey together through this extraordinary narrative, delving into the mysteries and potentials of our intertwined destinies.

Available in Kindle $4.95 | Paperback $9.95

AI Shaman: Nova Amazon