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Welcome to the forefront of Generative AI (GenAI) publications, where advanced AI technology revolutionizes the way we create and share information. Our focus is on harnessing the unparalleled capabilities of GenAI to bring unique visions and narratives to life in a way that was never possible before. At PPNI, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of digital publishing, offering a diverse and innovative collection of GenAI-crafted works. Dive into a world where technology meets creativity, and discover how GenerativeAI is reshaping the landscape of publishing. Explore our collection and witness the transformative power of AI in crafting compelling, cutting-edge stories. Visit PPNI Publications and be a part of this exciting new era in storytelling.

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PPNI Publications Powered by Generative AI

The AI Shaman: Nova

The Eclectic Way: Information Processing
AI Tarot: Data Divine
AI Tarot Reading Cards

Traditional Publications by S.Q. Knittle-Hunter Available on Amazon

living with Periodic Paralysis: The Mystery Unraveled
The Periodic Paralysis Guide And Workbook: Be The Best You Can Be Naturally
The Young Trombonist From Williamsport: The Life And Times Of William Joseph Knittle Sr.
Sotos Syndrome: A Tribute To Sandy
What Is Periodic Paralysis?: A Disease Like No Other
A Bill Of Rights For Periodic Paralysis Patients

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Project Gutenberg
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Project Gutenberg is a library of over 70,000 free eBooks. Choose among free epub and Kindle eBooks, download them, or read them online. You will find the world’s great literature here, with a focus on older works for which U.S. copyright has expired. Thousands of volunteers digitized and diligently proofread the eBooks, for you to enjoy.