living with Periodic Paralysis

living with Periodic Paralysis

A must read for anyone suffering from the devastating effects of the mysterious disease called Periodic Paralysis. After nearly dying and after many years of misdiagnosis and mistreatment by medical professionals, Susan and Calvin uncover the cause of her illness. Based on a lifetime of experience and after nearly 3 years of experimentation, detailed research and tremendous study, they share their discoveries. living with Periodic Paralysis unravels the inherent mysteries of this rare condition.

They say, “invention is born out of necessity”. Living with Periodic Paralysis was “invented” or written out of necessity or an urgent need. The fact is there are no other up-to-date books written about Periodic Paralysis (PP), which is a serious, disabling and life-threatening, rare, genetic disorder which is often over-looked, misdiagnosed and mistreated. Information found on the Internet is scattered and sketchy at best. There is an urgent need to educate those with the different forms of Periodic Paralysis and their family members on all aspects of the disease including how to manage and alleviate their symptoms. There is also an urgent need to educate the medical professionals dealing with those individuals, and their families, to learn to recognize, diagnose and properly treat their patients in a timely manner. Lastly, there is a need to educate and bring awareness to everyone about this cruel and life destroying disease because the symptoms resemble so many other conditions and mistreatment with the wrong medications can be disabling or deadly. living with Periodic Paralysis is written through the eyes of Susan, a woman with this disease. She nearly died due to many years of misdiagnosis and mistreatment by medical professionals. Susan and Calvin, her caregiver and husband, uncovered the cause of her illness and managed to get a diagnosis at the age of 62.

Periodic Paralysis intermittently causes muscle weakness and paralysis as well as heart and breathing issues. There are no known cures and treatment options are very limited. However, Calvin and Susan have developed natural, common-sense methods to manage her symptoms and help her to maintain some degree of normal daily activity. Calvin and Susan share their discoveries and unravel the mysteries of this rare condition in a well written and easy to understand format. It is their intention that the reader with Periodic Paralysis will improve the quality of his or her life by following the plans and advice and that they will know they are not alone in dealing with this disease. They desire the medical professionals reading the book will be able to recognize, diagnose and treat individuals with Periodic Paralysis correctly, in a timely manner and with the respect they deserve. To all others, they want to share their story and bring awareness of this cruel disease to the world with hopes of finding better treatment and a possible cure. living with Periodic Paralysis was written and published by Susan and Calvin Hunter, retired teachers who recently moved to the Olympic Peninsula.


“After a lifetime of illness, misdiagnoses and medical mistreatment (some of which caused irreparable damage), two years ago at the age of sixty two, I finally discovered the name of the progressive disease that left me totally and permanently disabled with weak muscles throughout my body, intermittent periods of total paralysis, along with heart problems, breathing problems, blood pressure problems and exercise intolerance. Years of testing had ruled out all of the commonly known neuromuscular diseases. I had to look for the “zebra”, as one of the over thirty doctors I had seen over the past six years had called it. I had to do it myself.” (Page 2)