Comfort Zones

Anyone who has spent any amount of time sitting in a chair positioned at a desk, while writing or keyboarding, knows how uncomfortable it can be after a few short hours. Authors spend many hours sitting in a chair which lends itself to leg numbness and lower back pain. Writing requires a tremendous amount of concentration and anything that interrupts your concentration should be addressed. 

Some people are bothered by a  messy workstation while others couldn’t care less. The guy in the pic looks comfortable, productive and happy. His work space is a reflection of him.  Find your comfort zone and make it part of your writing routine. Take care of yourself and you will see noticeable improvements in your writing.

A healthy routine includes plenty of rest, exercise, proper nutrition and avoiding harmful chemicals. Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes will not improve writing skills or improve  chances for success. Make it a goal to have a clear mind while you write. Many of my best ideas form while I am sleeping. Anything that interferes with sleep will interfere with everything else including writing. 

Remember. “the things you feed are the things that grow” (author unknown). Feed the things known to make you healthy, wealthy and wise. 

Author: olypenn